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Tournament Regulations CDS 2013

The Copa del Sol – 2013 (CDS) is organized by the Norwegian Professional Football League (IEC).

The present regulations govern the rights, duties and responsibilities of all parties participating and involved in the CDS.

1.    Participant teams.
The CDS tournament will consist of teams from Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and other countries in Europe

2.    Competition system. The CDS will be played as group play – two groups of 6 teams in each group. Each team will be playing 3 matches. 3 points to the winning team, 1 point for a draw and 0 point for a loss. The Tournament organizer is responsible for the group fixtures. The winner of each group plays the final. The winner is selected based on:

  • No. of points
  • Goal difference
  • Number of goals scored
  • Internal match (if relevant, given that the teams are equal based on the above criteria’s)

All matches will be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game promulgated by the IFAB. Playing time will be 2 x 45 minutes, separated by an interval of 15 minutes.

All games will go directly to penalty kicks if there is a draw after 90 minutes. Each team will get an additional point for winning the penalty kick. Goals scored on penalty kicks will not count in the goal difference.

Kicks from the penalty mark have to be done according to the FIFA rules (IFAB law).

3.    Player’s eligibility.
In order to be eligible to participate in the CDS the national regulations of each shall apply.

4.    Match sheet.
Before each match, each team will receive a match sheet on which the numbers and full name of the players must be entered together with the full names of officials seated on the substitutes ‘bench and on additional technical seats. The match sheet shall be signed by the captain and the competent club official.

The 11 first-named players must commence the match. The others listed are designated as substitutes.

The goalkeepers and the captain must be identified.

Time for handing the match sheet to the referee will be decided at the Welcome Meeting.           

The match sheet will be completed by the referee after the match and handed to the Control and Disciplinary Committee.

5.    Substitutions.
Only five of the substitutes listed on the match sheet may take part in the match unless the two teams playing together with the organizers have decided something else. A player who has been substituted may not take further part in the match.

6.    Colours and advertising.
The team first entered into the tournament programme is to be considered the home team.

Each team bring their playing kit to the Welcome Meeting. In this meeting the organizing committee together with the referees will approve the kit, and the kit colours. The away-team must change kit if necessary.

Each teams’ national regulation applies to kit advertising.

7.    Referees and assistant referees.
All referees will be appointed by the Football Association of Norway.

8.    Control and Disciplinary Committee – the Jury of the tournament
The Control and Disciplinary Committee deals with protests and matters concerning control and discipline in accordance with these regulations.

The Control and Disciplinary Committee will consist of three persons appointed by the Football Association of Norway. Decisions made by the Control and Disciplinary Committee are final.

9.    Yellow and red cards.
As a rule, a player who is sent off the field of play is suspended for the next match for the team in the tournament. A player is sent off either directly or after two yellow cards in the same match.

The Control and Disciplinary Committee is entitled to augment this punishment to suspension for two or three matches in the tournament.

In case of repeated yellow cards, a player is suspended for the next match for the team in the tournament after two yellow cards in two different matches.

A player who is sent off may not be replaced during the match.

10.  Protests.
Participating clubs are entitled to protest against the validity of a match result based on a player´s eligibility to play, a decisive breach of regulations by the referee or other incidents influencing the match. Protest cannot be lodged against factual decisions taken by the referee. A protest against yellow or red cards is admissible only if the referee´s error was to mistake the identity of the player.

A protest must reach the Control and Disciplinary Committee in writing, stating the reasons, within 1 hour after the match. The time limit cannot be extended.

The protest fee is € 100. It must be paid at the same time as the protest is filed.

11.  Doping.
Doping is defined as breach of one or more of the WADA anti-doping rules.

Doping is forbidden and is a punishable offence. Any participating player may be tested at any time.

13.  Commercial Rights.
All commercial rights relating to the agreed tournament CDS shall belong to NPFL and IEC as the host.

Commercial rights shall comprise all current and future world-wide visuals audio visual and sound-broadcasting rights of still and/or future electronic media (including internet and wireless technology), as well as any current and/or future secondary rights deriving there from.

14.  Awards
Different prizes will be awarded:


Place no.

Prize value in Euro



50 000  

and the cup “Winner of Copa del Sol - 2013”


30 000



Each club will invoice the tournament owners for the amount of their prize money.           

15.  Questions
All questions concerning arrangement of the tournament/matches etc, will be decided by the Organising Committee. This committee will also organise a meeting before the tournament starts, when all the teams have arrived.

In cases of very serious offences or incidents the committee will submit a report and forward it to the national association concerned for further reaction.