Marijo sine tanker før seriestart på søndag

Sesongen starter på Søndag den 15 april kl.16:00

After last season when was been difficult period behind the club,we succed to stabilizate the team with our local young players and now we all together going in one development adventure.                                

We wanna be high competitive team against every opponent and give them hard match,Season is a marathon not a sprint,if we win first few matches that not mean we will win the league,We as a team need consistency in performance what is the biggest challenge in young teams.

Most of our players play youth football before 5 month ago and they "jump in senior football "over the night,it will be interesting to see how we gona look like.

This team have a specific tasks according to situation,they must create the standards of the team and a club again ,but in the same time learn and perform well.

It will be great experience for all of us.!This boys need support more then ever and we will give our best every match to represent club and give enjoyment and play exciting football..

Heia FOLLO,...:)

Marijo Jović

Football Coach/Educator  


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