Marijo Jovic oppsummerer A-lagets vårsesong

-Vi må være ydmyke og tenke fremover

Marijo Jovic har vært A-lagets hovedtrener siden desember og har ledet vårt purunge A-lag til en 5. plass etter 14 spilte kamper. Vi har tatt en prat med kroaten og stilt han 10 spørsmål i et forsøk på å oppsummere lagets første halvdel av sesongen i Norsk Tipping-ligaen. Laget har nå en liten sommerpause før fellestreningene starter opp igjen 2. august. Første kamp etter oppholdet er hjemme mot Ullern lørdag 11. august.

1.  What do you think about 5th place and 22 points so far?

-If someone had offered us 5th place before the season we would probably have accepted that for our young team. Now we can say that 22 points is a good achievement when we see what kind of clubs are behind us according to their budget. We didn`t finish last 4 weeks in the best way, but we gave some chances to other players and we show that we have potential for future for sure.

2.  Has the first half of the season been as you expected?

-The first half of the season started much better than we expected and we had a great momentum in the first 9 rounds and this period was a great success for us.We had a hard pre-season with long winter and we didn`t have normal conditions for our daily training process. We practiced every day at different times, most often at only half of the field at 20:00, and we played most of the matches against better opponents like VIF, Kjelsås, Fram Larvik.

3.  You have already lost two players from the squad. Are you looking for some new players during the break or is it likely that you will go on with the same players?

-We have lost David and Mats, but we have known this for a long time and we were prepared for this situation. All players wait for their chance and I am sure that we have good alternatives, but we always search for players who can challenge our players even more.

4.  What is the thing that you are most satisfied with so far?

-I am most satisfied with the fact that we are the youngest team in our league and probably in all the six 3.rd divisions in Norway with a very low average age. I must say that we have had some great performances. We have also had some debutants like Jonas Hjorth, Markus Klepp Kraiem, Oliver Petersen and Henrik Hatlen Osen. I am also satisfied with the fact that for every match we have to leave 4-5 players in the squad out of the match squad of 18 players, but these players continue to report for training the next day, something which shows huge respect to everyone in the group.

5.  What is the thing that you are least satisfied with so far?

-What I am less satisfied with is situation on the end of the first part when we could not manage some games when we played well, for example vs KBK 2 and DFI. Oppsal and KFUM 2 was much better than us on the day. I am not satisfied with the conditions of work in the first 5 months where we didnt get appropriate training times and enough space in the field. I don`t think it should be like this. All the people in the club give their best to make things better, but regarding to this I think it has been difficult. I think the club and these boys deserve more than that.

6.  Which team will be promoted to the Postnord-league?

-Oppsal is the first candidate, they have an experienced team with competitive character.

7.  Which opponent team in this league do you think has been the most impressive in the matches against Follo?

-KFUM 2 away. They had an easy job because of our bad momentum, but they were better than us and we didn`t produce so much either.

8.  You lost 4 games in a row before the summer break and the team sort of lost it`s momentum. How do you plan to get back on winning ways?

-We must stay humble and do not look at the past. We had some good period, but they don`t mean anything except 22 points at the moment. We had some bad period of last 4 matches, but they don`t mean anything when we play against Ullern in August. We must stay stabil and use our brain better, not the body but the brain! Decision making and game understanding is our challenge, we dont have physical challenges. We must be aware that the only one that can bring us back on winning road are WE! 

9.  What do you think about the future for the club, both the near future and in the longer perspective?

-I think in the near future our club should be the place for young players to get good education arena and make a step closer to become professionals in the future. We want to be a club which will help players to reach the top level football not only in FOLLO FK but in general. In the longer perspective we want to be club which gives reference for quality work in our region and show that we have more than good enough players in this region to play at professional level like OBOS or TIPPELIGAEN. We dont want to pay players 15-20000,- NOK per month to play 3.rd or 2.nd division football, that does not make any sense. This level is great to give chances to all talented players to develop and get consistency in their performance .

10. Why didn`t Croatia win the World Cup? 

 -Football is sometimes brutal and Croatia felt that this summer, but we got confirmation that we are on a good way in lots of areas -like players development, coach development etc...Maybe we didn`t win the WORLD CUP but we won the hearts of the people who really like football!

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